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Values & Destiny
Bill Burridge

September 14, 2019

So many people these days live their life according to their needs, and not according to their values. But by doing this, we can better identify what is more important to us.

Paul is joined this time by Bill Burridge, the managing director of New Insights, to discuss the fascinating topic of values, and how they can impact our destinies.


Bill Burridge owns and runs New Insights, a Life Coach training organisation with companies and operations in both the UK and South Africa.  He lives in Cape Town with his wife and daughter whilst his son is now working in London.

Website: https://www.life-coach-training-uk.com/ and https://www.life-coach-training-sa.com/index.html

Twitter: @billburridge

Times Of Transitions
David Monkton

September 12, 2019

In the past decade, David Monkton has spent much time looking for a new direction in life. Having spent the main part of his life as a methodist minister, and having had to adjust to life in the wake of personal tragedy, David has been facing change on a large scale.

In this special, and highly personal conversation, David talks to Paul about the power of faith, the sense of mortality, and coming to terms with the times of transition that affect us all from time to time.


David is described as a Supernumerary Presbyter, meaning he generally helps with ministry in Nottingham & Derby Methodist District (UK).  He is also a Police Chaplain for Nottinghamshire Police; as well as being Chaplain to three Residential Care Homes.

Contact David via… LinkedIn

The World Needs You!
Travis Brady

September 3, 2019

Paul meets and talks to Travis Brady, a “coach’s coach”, who’s joined the discussion to dig into the matter of the curious energy that seems to be resonating through the world right now.

We’re more connected than we’ve ever been, but ironically, we seem to be forming less connections. When we’re less connected with people, we lose connection with ourselves.

But it’s worth remembering a very special message that Travis learned from experience: The world needs you.


Travis is the owner of Be Inspired Coaching and the creator of ‘The Next Generation Coach’.  His purpose is to spread the The Next Generation of Transformation by teaching influencers and leaders on how to most effectively unify the mind & body in order to create true alignment and internal transformation.

Contact Travis via… www.coachtravisbrady.com

What’s Your New Story: One of Hope?
Natasha Rosewood

September 3, 2019

Rather than life happening through us; We allow it to happen to us.”

In today’s episode, Paul is joined, all the way from Canada, by guest Natasha Rosewood.  They discuss what ‘psychic’ actually means; what is intuitive intelligence?

Natasha and Paul go deep into the psyche, self-awareness and what our stories are, have been and what will they become?


Natasha J. Rosewood is a Quantum Healer, author and inspirer of Intuitive Intelligence, who empowers thousands internationally to remember their higher Self, relinquish struggle and choose joy.

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