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The Animals of This World are in need of help, they need our help!

With Animalhealer Academy, we strive to contribute by raising the awareness of the importance of working in co+existance with The Animals

Grow & Expand spiritually, through consciousness work with The Animals

Animalhealer Academy is a Transformation Platform, contributing to raising the Awareness of Animals, their energy field and their spiritual intention for inhabiting this world together with us humans.

The aim is to heighten the awareness of how important it is for both humans and animals, to live together in loving and compassionate co+existence.

In the Animalhealer Academy Foundation Course, I share what I have learned from The Animals over the 20+ years of doing Healing and Communication work with all kinds of animals

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Animalhealer Academy Foundation Course

This is what you’ll get ☺

  • A 6 months program for Spiritual Growth with Animals
  • 4 overall relevant subjects for Communication & Healing for Animals
  • 12 topic modules, packed with material & guidance
  • Every 2 weeks, a module is released in your Study Portal
  • Option to furthering your studies, with a Mentee Program
  • Animahealer Academy is build on the foundation of supporting animals in need of help:
  • A 50 USD donation is included in your payment for the Foundation Course
  • You automatically support the two largest Rescue Centers in Denmark
  • Access to Monthly Blogs about the lives of the animals our program supports
  • Option for upgrading to ‘The Lemur Pen’, a heart-centered community of animal lovers, as part of the Advanced Rescue Program

Animalhealer Academy Philosophy

Everybody contains the power inside of them to create a Healing Space between human and animal

Tapping into this inner power, will assist in the liberation of our Spiritual Truth and enlighten our unique spiritual path moving forward in life

This supports the alignment of harmony and balance in our Hearts, to work in Conscious Awareness with The Animal Kingdom

Through Compassion and Loving Communion with The Animals of This World, together we can transform the energy and lift the energy and the consciousness on this planet.

With Love for Mother Nature and all of her Beautiful Animals,
Charlotte Banff,
Animahealer Academy


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