Emerging From The Forest By Paul D. Lowe


Instant Download – Mastering the Game of Life – Emerging From The Forest By Paul D. Lowe

From Pain to Purpose

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Author’s Note

Whether through the spoken or written word, my intention is consistently the same – to pass on life-enhancing insights to people; in the hope that I raise their awareness of how to achieve success in the game of life.

This particular book is the result of reflections on my previously published work; be that poems, short stories or books. In the case of the latter, there have been three other publications, with each one offering deeper insights than the previous version.

The first of the trio was self-published in 2000 – ironically called ‘Mastering the Game of Life: Half-time Reflections’ – and was essentially the foundation for the progression that has subsequently emerged.

My second account came some fifteen years later, when I was a co-author in ‘The Change (7): Insights into Self- Empowerment’.

In 2017, I invited fifteen global co-authors to contribute to my own book ‘Speaking From Our HEARTS: Mastering The Game of Life’ – each story based upon real-life challenging experiences and how the individuals concerned overcame their respective pain and suffering.

Whether from the humble beginnings of that first self-publication nearly two decades ago, or the present-day’s far more polished and professional product, I offer my utmost gratitude to be given the opportunity to serve others that seek improvement.

Just as I now have the awareness and acceptance to commit to my vocation of service, I truly acknowledge the multitude of people that have contributed towards my own development as a significant player within the game of life.


By sharing my journey from pain to purpose, I hope you gain a greater awareness of some of the key considerations that are required to achieve success in the game of life.

Whilst there is a strong reference to the influence of football – particularly in the early stages of my life – this story is not about ‘The Beautiful Game’ per se. Similarly, with references to abuse, addiction and violence, the account is not specifically about any of these horrific experiences. Although these aspects offer a consistent thread throughout, the primary intention is to simply reach out and inspire those who are searching for their purpose in life.

So is the starting point pain? In a word – yes.  Pain is very subjective and presents itself in a variety of forms – spiritual, emotional, mental or physical – and unless our pain and suffering is sufficiently strong enough to want to instigate change, we will merely soldier on.

Do we not readily embrace clichés such as ‘better the devil you know’? As humans, aren’t we generally conditioned to ‘just get on with it’?

Throughout my ensuing story, there are two really significant threads.

Firstly, the despicable behavior of my step-father towards me and my mother; to the point where – at a very early age – I could no longer regard him as a human being and gave him a label of ‘The Beast’.  Secondly, the resultant black and white existence that this created within my world; I subsequently began to experience life in this polarised way – there was never any grey in-between.

This stark account of my voyage is conveyed by equally graphic language, which I don’t use today, but felt it necessary to include, giving my story the authenticity of where my life was at the time.  It is interspersed with Words of Wisdom (WOW); insightful thoughts which are based on my own experiences.


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