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This book has been put together with a two-fold purpose in mind. Firstly, to offer real-life stories, insights and messages which will hopefully serve to inspire you to want to be more and love more. Secondly – but equally important – is to then have the awareness that you are able to give more, make a difference and leave a positive legacy.

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It’s interesting to hear people’s understanding of the word legacy; some are already very clear and driven towards achieving what it means to them, while others probably don’t even realise they are contributing towards a legacy in some way every single day of their lives.

This thought-provoking contrast is encapsulated in a quote from Oprah Winfrey as she turned to her friend and mentor Maya Angelou, and stated, ‘I was so proud of myself for building a school for girls in South Africa. That’s going to be my greatest legacy – this school.’ (Winfrey, 2017).

Maya replied with her sage words: ‘You have no idea what your legacy will be. Your legacy is every single person who watched your show and said, “I am going to take better care of my health”; every mother who saw a show on abusing children and said, “I will never hit my child again”. To be able to do that, that’s your legacy; your legacy is  every life you ever touch.’

Consider what the word legacy means to you. It is easy for you to become an Ace of HEARTS (HEARTS being an acronym for Helping Everyone Achieve Results Towards Success); it’s simply about raising your awareness. Just as your own understanding of your legacy will be subjective, so too will your individual perception be of two other key words in this book – pain and prosperity. In very simple terms, pain for me has become a positive lever to gain the awareness to change, while prosperity means living a fulfilling life.

My own account in Part One, ‘Emerging From The Forest’, is comprehensively supported by Part Two which features contributions from co-authors from around the globe, with each one offering their own inspirational journey of transformation. I have consciously chosen a diverse array of friends and colleagues so that a rich mixture of messages may be conveyed. This may also be a platform for you if you have your own story or message to deliver to the world, as it is my vision to add more books to this series.

The third and final part of the book, ‘Your Path To Prosperity’, focuses upon some steps you can take next to live a fulfilling life, touching upon key considerations like your purpose, identity, vision and values. This is part of my legacy – using my experience to be a coach and mentor to others.

Throughout the book, the inspirational chapters are enhanced by simple one- or two-liner Words Of Wisdom (WOWs) along the way.


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