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 The purpose of this book series is to raise awareness that no matter where we are in the world and whatever the challenges, we always have choices and opportunities to progress in life and our experiences are just that – experiences; they don’t define who we really are.
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The Speaking From Our HEARTS book series has relevant points being reinforced by some WOW (Words Of Wisdom) – as well as new inspirational insights and stories from global co-authors. Whilst it’s true to say that significant challenges will always present themselves as we travel through life’s journey, one of the important things to remember is that we have a choice about whether we want to be the captain of our own ship and decide what destination we are heading for and equally important – why?
As authors, we are ever-mindful of sharing lessons learned that have a real, practical value to you. Our words are not constructed on the back of some woo-woo, happy-clappy theory, but rather based on the amalgamation of years of research, hard-nosed experience and implementation of what really works.
That said, there may be some concepts referred to that may be initially perceived as ‘off-the wall’ or – at the very least – challenging to conventional ways of thinking.
Paul’s own respectful response to this is, to keep an open mind; because if we keep thinking and doing the same things, we’ll always get the same results.
The mastering life concept is something that he has dedicated his life to; born out of a fierce passion and vision to alleviate the pain and suffering going on throughout the world.
Wouldn’t it be far more empowering for us, if we were all able to live together in a world where we feel safe in the knowledge that anything is possible; living a life of fulfillment, life-long peace, love and happiness.
Paul starts the journey off, by sharing his insights around answering his own question – ‘What Space Are You Living In?’…
For all our beloved living things throughout this
precious world – especially our beautiful animals,
amazing people and future influencers – let’s
invest heavily in them, so that they are all inspired
to continue passing the baton of peace, love
and happiness onto future generations; thereby
creating an ongoing legacy to leave the world a
better place…


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