Spiritual NVC – A 12 Month Online Program ($144 version)


21st September 2019 to 21st August 2020

This 12 Month Online Program is a spiritual approach to the NVC model as an awareness practice. To live a spiritual life means to free ourselves from the blockages that hinder the free flow of love, compassion, light – our true essence. In 4 modules we deepen our understanding and allow ourselves to thrive.

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There are 4 prices available for this course from $12 – $144.   The participant can choose which ever price they want based on their current financial situation.  We encourage and appreciate those who can pay $72 or $144 to do so.

Module I (Sep – Nov 2019):  The highest form of intelligence is the ability to observe without evaluating. The art of thinking.

Module II (Dec – Feb 2019/2020): Triggers,hypersensitivity, blockages and resistance: How to let go and relax?

Module III (Mar – May 2020): The Divine is present in us. Who are you? What do you really want? Your calling, your soul’s purpose?

Module IV (Jun – Aug 2020): Living in spiritual congruence. Surrender to the inner guidance.

In each module we have a guest speaker joining us for 2 hours with their approach and insights to the topic.

Our guest speakers are Anna GrovesKathleen MacferranMary MackenzieRichard Broadbent

When: We will meet on zoom for two hours once a month on the 21st (or 20th for USA/CAN or 22nd for Sydney/NZL depending on your time zone). The meeting time will alternate between 5 AM/ 5 PM CEST/CET European Summer/Winter time to make it accessible to as many people in different times zones as possible.


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