The Cupid’s Bow Technique By Lyn Smith


Instant Download – The Cupid’s Bow Technique 

How To Use Your Feminine Power

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(names have been changed to protect privacy)

From Casual to Committed in Just 4 Months!!

Hi, my name is Angela. I‘m now happily planning to get married to my soulmate John; which I thought might never happen after being in a previous unfulfilling marriage for nearly 20 years!

I was both nervous and excited about entering the dating scene again and although I was hopeful for a new soul mate relationship I felt it might be years before it actually happened, if ever.

However I was fortunate enough to have a powerful ally who you’ve probably never heard of, my very dear friend and relationship coach Lyn Smith (The Queen of HEARTS) who guided me every step of the way.

Lyn has been my relationship coach for more than a year. I‘ve worked with her one-to-one and have used her polarization method to attract more passion and commitment than I ever thought possible.

From the start Lyn helped me discover my true feminine self. Her insights and questions made me to stop and think. My committed soulmate relationship success didn’t just happen; Lyn guided me with a step-by-step program which I implemented.

Before I met Lyn, I was divorced but doing okay. When we were married my ex-husband and I were reasonably

happy, but I knew I was just settling for a relationship that was just plodding along; I felt unfulfilled and craved real passion and intimacy, the kind that would blow my mind and make me feel I was on cloud nine.

Well in February 2015 after working with Lyn for just 6 months, I attracted my soulmate John and just 4 months after that, John proposed!

I’ve grown accustomed to feeling really happy and fulfilled in my new committed soulmate relationship whilst being coached by Lyn (I now realize had I had these insights before, I could have had these same feelings and relationship with my ex!).

I’ve not only read about Lyn‘s polarization method I’ve put it into practice. There‘s a lot of poor information in glossy women‘s magazines, on TV and the Internet – this is one of the exceptions. Put this polarization method to work and you can create fantastic results and experience more love, commitment and connection than you ever thought possible.

After Waiting 10 Years, Married at 50 – Thank You So Much!

Hi Ladies. I‘m Anna a successful high-flying entrepreneur. However, previously one area where I was achieving very little was in my private life; in fact after being in a great relationship for more than a decade, my man was still in no hurry to commit. I’ve known Lyn since we co-presented some adult education classes together in our early years as trainers.

Even then I noticed that Lyn was very skilled at simplifying things for her students, she has always got them to pay attention to what she says through her fun and interactive coaching style and they always achieved outstanding results above and beyond what they thought possible.

Every now and again when we have time to catch up I’ve implemented her polarization method – and I particularly love The Cupid’s Bow Technique – which worked really well in giving my boyfriend of 10 years a wake-up call; he is now my husband and the beauty of this was – it was all HIS idea and I couldn’t be happier.

Lyn is a true master in the area of relationships. I‘m now married to the love of my life as a direct result of using this technique. I urge you to do the same. I’ve read through Lyn‘s book and there are gems of wisdom on every page. This is a brilliant step-by-step guide to creating your healthy committed soulmate relationship.


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